Monday, August 24, 2015

But wait, it gets better...

So, the University of Alaska, Anchorage continues to shock and amaze. According to the academic adviser mentioned previously, no graduate classes I have ever taken will count as a pre-requisite. So, for example the three statistics classes I took in graduate school (two at Johns Hopkins, for crying out loud) will count as prerequisites. However, the AP statistics class I took in high school a decade and a half ago may. High school. Really. I'm not making this *$%@ up.

Also, dietetics requires College Algebra for Calculus. I pointed out that I have taken Calculus (as an undergraduate, so they can't say it doesn't count), and was told that maybe, just maybe, the faculty would be really nice and accept it. But it would be up to them and was not a sure thing.

And so I say to the Dietetics Department at UAA: Screw you. You just lost a fantastic student who would've brought a wealth of experience and made you look really, really good. And you make me sad, because I have the luxury of throwing up my hands in disgust and walking away from this hot mess. What happens to the students who depend on you for their future degree/employment? I have gained a great deal of sympathy for my students, and a renewed commitment to helping them fight the system every way I can. Because you, quite frankly, can't find your arse with both hands.

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