Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Warning: NOT family-friendly!!!

(Mom: this video really isn't one you'd enjoy!)

...but for some of us it's strangely relaxing, nonetheless. It has been a stressful time. The University of Alaska decided to change the class I'm supposed to teach without, and this is important, mentioning that fact to me. So they basically said, "have fun!" They managed to get me a textbook when I asked for one, and a friend who has taught the class before handed me his old syllabus, a few exam questions and gave me some basic info, but that's it. So I get to design a class from scratch, more or less. I have no lecture notes, no electronic resources, nothing. They do NOT pay adjunct professors enough for that kind of s***. And I've been applying and interviewing for other full-time jobs as well, so my stress level is through the roof.

Add to all this a boyfriend who is working the night-shift (we overlap for a couple hours in the afternoon, but that's about it), and extreme fatigue and insomnia (I hate that combo!), and I needed some guided "meditation."

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