Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Alaska is Weird (and on Fire)

Alaskan Wildflower from a Hike This Weekend

You know how the news reports start giving heat warnings when it hits, I don't know, 90-100F? In Alaska it starts at 70F (21C). I thought this was completely ridiculous until it hit 80F/27C and the entire state caught on fire. Hmm...could be that they had something there. In other news, if an area is tinder dry and it gets warm, don't use firecrackers, geniuses. *facepalm*

Last I heard the nearest fire has eaten up 8500 acres and is zero percent contained. Anchorage is safe, though, although we have been breathing lots of smoke. And there have been no reported injuries, although a lot of dog mushers have lost their dog yards (a big deal in Alaska). And there's a bigger fire near Fairbanks. Don't know as much about that one, as it's a five hour drive away so fewer people I know are personally affected by it.

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