Friday, May 29, 2015

Chronic Fatigue Strikes Again

It has been a fun couple of weeks. First I caught a miserable infection and had to miss work until the antibiotics did their work. Then my boyfriend got rear-ended and had his car totaled. And, to add icing on the cake, every employee in the State of Alaska may receive layoff slips in the next couple of weeks because our state legislature can't get its **** together enough to avert a complete shut-down. Fun times. Think about it, matter what your political stances are, you do need some state employees. Otherwise everything from the Department of Health to the DMV will shut down. I'll keep my political opinions mostly to myself, but let's just say there are a couple of legislators in particular I would like to smack upside the head.

Of course, my body's reaction to all of this is to simply shut down. I can barely keep my head up at work. It's beyond ridiculous. And this while I'm desperately applying to other jobs so I can get the hell out of the State's nightmare political situation. So please excuse the lack of updates.

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  1. Wanting to smack your state legislators upside the head does not reveal anything about your politics, since that is a common feeling among all political persuasions. But good luck dealing with your particular set.