Monday, November 3, 2014


There are literally hundreds of thousands of people with lupus for each ebola case in the US; I don't know the ratio outside, but overall it's still quite high. And lupus kills people in horrible ways.

So why the hell don't we get minute-to-minute coverage on a potentially fatal disease that affects so many more people? Why aren't politicians angrily denouncing everyone but themselves for the lack of a cure? Why isn't the president putting the might of the American medical industrial complex behind the effort to care for patients.

Don't get me wrong, I get it...ebola is (somewhat) infectious, and acutely dangerous. Bad, bad, bad. But it does rub me the wrong way that it is pretty much the health news topic of the year. Look around you, people. There's plenty more drama where you came from.

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  1. Because people with ebola LOOK sick! And there's also the thrilling risk factor of catching it, which isn't possible with lupus. So it's a hum-drum, boring topic. "Oh, you have a terrible disease that may kill you? Oh my god! Is it contagious?! What? No? Oh, well then… sorry. Sucks for you. Hey, have you ever seen 'Outbreak'?"