Tuesday, November 4, 2014

More Lupus Tests...

    The SSA and SSB tests are looking to see if your body has antibodies that attack the SSA and/or SSB proteins. These proteins are normally found inside your cells, so normal people shouldn't have any antibodies (which are designed to attack things) against them. It's sort of like having a gun that automatically targets your foot...not a good thing!
    Positive SSA/SSB test results are seen in people with connective tissue diseases (lupus, RA, and, especially, Sjogren's syndrome). That's why doctors test for it-- it's a sign that your immune system is out of wack.

Calcium Oxalate:
   High levels of calcium oxalate can cause kidney stones. Although oxalate can be found in healthy people, if you have too much of it in your blood, it may be a sign of kidney troubles.

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  1. Some labs give these results differently. Mine says 0-99 is in range and above 99 would be high. Should these results be zero is you have nothing going on or would individuals without a rheumatology disease possibly show a number within the 0-99 range? Thanks for responding!

  2. Normal people can have varying levels...sometimes healthy people can even have a high reading. Moral of the story: tests aren't perfect, and (my opinion only here) doctors who rely to heavily on them and don't pay attention to how their patients are feeling are missing half of the story!