Friday, October 31, 2014

Hell on Earth

I can handle a lot of things...or so I would like to think. Lupus, cancer, anorexia, gastroparesis...ok. But migraines? Not so much. So imagine my excitement when a Migraine from Hell (TM) hit during a meeting on Tuesday. Actually, it started a couple weeks ago, but it hit badly on Tuesday. Complete with accompanying Nausea from Hell (TM). So far I've tried, in no particular order:

1. Injection (shot) of Toradol
2. Oral Toradol
3. ****-load of Imitrex
4. Increased dose of Topomax (which I was already taking)
5. Skelaxin (muscle relaxant)
6. I forget the name, but some benzodiazepine that is also a muscle relaxant.

And for nausea:
1. Injection (shot) of Phenergan.
2. Zofran (dissolvable kind)
3. Compazine

Annnnd...I still don't feel great. Teaching polymerase chain reaction theory last night was fun.

Any suggestions for other drugs to beg from the doctor?

Update 4 November:

Add two more shots of toradol and an infusion of Phenergan to the list (I had an IV in for a Benlysta infusion anyway, so why not?)


  1. No drug ideas, but sending sympathy. Just when I think you've already suffered every bodily malfunction known to Man, you come up with another one. It's impressive, but not good.

    1. Ironically, I'm starting to wonder if it's one of my other medications that is triggering these. Further and further down the rabbit hole she tumbled...

  2. I got really sick for about a month and was soooo nauseous I stopped eating, mostly. The only reason I recovered from that was due to Odansetron/Zofran. I took the pill form, non-dissolveable this time, and about a week later I was able to eat what would be considered a small meal.