Tuesday, September 9, 2014

She lives!

Hello my friends!

So sorry for my extended absence. It was a crazy summer. My health has been reasonably ok (touch wood), but life blew up in my face. Things are (I sincerely hope) calming down now, though. However, I have started a second job...that's right...I am now Professor Hyde! I teach a couple of evening classes at the University of Alaska Anchorage in addition to my usual job at the State of Alaska. So not so much with the free time thing. But that's ok, because I was going out of my mind with boredom. So a little extra work is a good thing.


  1. Well, glad to see that you're still in the land of the living! I was getting concerned. But, hey, teaching is as good a reason to disappear from the interwebs as any. Yay for filling minds with knowledge!

  2. Professor seems like a natural title before your name to go with all of the letters after it. But watch those viruses from Hell (or from the Health Dept. as the case may be.)

    1. My brother once pointed out that I have more letters *after* my name than in it...