Wednesday, April 23, 2014

I'm back!

I survived the 11+ hour trip (one way) to and from Texas! Even more excitingly, I survived the sun in Texas! My doctor recently raised my immunosuppressant (CellCept) dose to 3000mg/day, and it seems to be really helping. That, and the two steroid infusions I had last month, I guess. I'm always amazed beyond words when a lupus drug actually works!

Highlights of Texas Trip:

10. Lulu, the wonder dog who knows how to pretend to be held up at gun point and then drop dead. So. Adorable.
9. Easter baskets!
8. The wasn't Alaska, shall we say?
7. I didn't get sick.
6. I fed an ostrich and didn't lose a finger.
5. I got a giraffe to eat out of my hand.
4. I compared my foot to a dinosaur's footprint. My foot is positively petite, I tell you.
3. I played in a big field of Texas bluebonnets.
2. I had not one, but two, birthday parties, courtesy of my fabulous Aunt Jeff.
1. I saw my Grandpa, and my Aunt and Uncle. Awesome people, all of them.

Pictures to follow...



  1. I'm glad that you had a good birthday, that you got to see people you love, and that--inexplicably--the Lupus medications worked. I guess even Murphy's Law goes wrong sometimes.

  2. So cool. So glad you got to go. So glad the meds are working!