Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The horror, the horror...

There are few things less productive then a Microsoft-dependent office (boo!) whose Outlook system has crashed. We're all wandering around, schedule-less, with dazed expressions on our faces. The section head actually had to come tell me in person that a meeting had been cancelled! Oh, the humanity.

Actually, I'm fine with having my life temporarily not controlled by the Evil Empire. Not a Microsoft fan, as a matter of fact. That, plus the fact that the main side-effect of the steroid infusion last week seems to be that I'm really, really tired. I can't tell if it's really a side-effect, or if the steroids just didn't do very much to help me. Whichever it is it's kind of disappointing. When I first got intravenous steroids it was like having pure espresso poured into my veins. Now, not so much. Possibly it's time to go for Plan B: chocolate-covered espresso kingdom for a Trader Joe's! Alaska is great and all, Trader Joe's? Again, the horror threatens to overwhelm me. Where else am I to find reasonably priced chocolaty caffeinated goodness???