Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Updated Chocolate Chip Cookies

Guilty confession time: I am powerless in the face of cookies and cookie dough. And before you get started, remember that I have a PhD in Microbiology....very few people are more qualified to tell you about the dangers of salmonella than I am. But...tasty...I have to limit my cookie-making to times when a) I have a legitimate excuse and b) more importantly, I have to give the cookies away.

Such a time occurred recently when I made cookies for my roommate's office. Apparently, the cookies have become legendary, which just goes to show that you totally cannot choose for what you become famous. Class, style, elegance, good looks? No. Magic butt-expanding cookies? Sure thing.

So here's my current addiction.

Sammy's Chocolate Chip Crack

Suggested sound track: hyper Bhangra (Indian pop)

Beat the hell out of:

1 C butter ( I use salted because, let's face it, cookies aren't health food, and salt is tasty).
1 2/3 C brown sugar


2 eggs
2 tsp real vanilla extract, NOT that fake vanillin crap.

Beat until "light and fluffy" or until mix turns a lighter color.


1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp baking soda
2 1/2 C flour (Note: Bob's All-Purpose Gluten Free Flour works fine).

As many chocolate chips as you can justify. Tip: freeze the chocolate before adding it to the dough. This helps it retain its shape.

These cookies should be reasonably large. I normally make smaller cookies, but these need a certain size to bake correctly. My hands aren't very big, so here's a point of reference:

Bake at 350 for about ten minutes...my oven is unreliable, so I just keep an eye on it. This is what they should look like:

Offload on unsuspecting friends as soon as possible.


  1. OK, then, new recipe to try! And we just got a Kitchenaid stand mixer. Never had one before, so I'll be testing this weekend.


    1. I love my mixer. I shall call him Bob.

    2. A friend's daughter, when very young, called the hand-held-hand-crank mixer The Thingy. So, some 20 years later, her wedding present from a group of us was a Kitchenaid, with an engraved label, "The Ultimate Thingy."

  2. The only thing that tastes better than a freshly baked cookie is the same cookie about ten minutes earlier. But I have fewer degrees, and none in microbiology, so that helps.

    1. Microbiologists tend to go two ways: 1) they become super-paranoid or 2) they take the attitude "Meh, everything is contaminated anyway." Guess which way I went...

  3. Hi Sam! I brought these to work today and they are a winner! A coworker noted, "That was the most edible gluten free thing I have ever eaten; dare I say...tasty? They are good."