Friday, May 24, 2013

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health: Finished!

Yes, that's right...I'm officially done with my third and, I hope, last graduate degree. On Tuesday I graduated with a Masters of Public Health, with Certificates in Health Policy and Bioethics. Here are some pictures of the funny outfit I had to wear:

These Shoes were changed so quickly after
the ceremony you have no idea...

Receiving the long-anticipated diploma for the
 Masters in Public Health!
My favorite Hopkins professor,
Dr. Tom Burke.

This is one with the fabulous Maria Alvarez, who has taken me to the ER  or hospital many, many times during the course of this program.

This one is me with one of my favorite Bioethics Professors,
Dr. Maria Marritt.
  For the immediate future I'll be working in an unpaid internship position, but I'm really hoping to get a real job someday soon! But at least I'm no longer a grad student!!!
A free woman at last!


  1. Go SAM!!! And Maria, too, and it was such a joy to see you this week!

  2. Congratulations, Sam! Heartfelt gratitude to Maria for being the kind of friend she has been, and helping you pull through the crises. Not only free, but tenacious, and you have made it! Kudos.

    1. Maria deserves the kudos; all I had to do was show up for class. :)

  3. Congratulations!!! You look much less goofy in your robes than my son did this past week. I hope everything was indoors!! Part of Rich's ceremonies were out of doors, but this branch of the family can usually stave off sun induced illness with industrial strength sunscreen and hats, so we managed. I hope you find the perfect job and that Maria gets what she deserves (or at least a little of it.)