Friday, October 19, 2012

Walk for Lupus, Part II

A couple of months ago, my roommate and I decided to participate in the Alliance for Lupus Research's (ALR) Walk for a Cure. ALR is the number one private funder of lupus research, and it is set up so that 100% of all donations go directly to research. No administrative overhead is taken out of donations; the board of directors pays those costs themselves.

We started out with a modest goal. I had never been a captain of a fundraising team, and didn't think I'd be able to raise all that much money, especially because I'm a full-time student in a rigorous graduate program. I set our team goal at $500. It seemed like a reasonable amount. I take no credit for the fact that we met and exceeded this goal within about six hours of forming the team. It is through the generosity of friends that we did so. So I increased the goal. And then increased it again. And again. And again. Thanks to all of you, we have raised about $3,000 for the walk tomorrow. I cannot thank you enough. I won't embarrass individual donors, but imagine my gratitude at the friend from high school who donated $500. Or imagine my surprise when I found out that the VMWare Foundation Matching Gift Program sent our team a cheque for $500 (thank you to both that program and to whomever it was who donated through them!) May God bless you all. As someone who is greatly benefitting from the work of ALR, I offer my deepest personal thanks to all of you.

I cannot thank my friends, family, church members, friends of family, etc., enough for encouraging, donating, and signing up to walk. Thank you Emmanuel Church for allowing us to announce our fundraiser in the weekly email and announcement. Thank you to the complete strangers at church who walked up and handed me a $100 check. Thank you to the other people at church who could not offer money, but offered prayers instead.

Tomorrow we walk in Washington D.C. for a cure. Team Lupetta is relatively small, but I know that each team member represents and is supported by many, many more people who have helped our team surpass our goal again and again.

Thank you.

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