Friday, April 13, 2012

Official Decision...

As much as I hate moving, and don't want to leave my friends in Vermont, I will be attending Johns Hopkins School of Public Health starting this summer. I will be enrolled in an 11 month Masters of Public Health program, after which I will attempt to "Save Lives, Millions at a Time," as their slogan says.


  1. Congratulations and best wishes for an easy move to a great place with sane neighbors. Oh, and may the MPH program be so much in your element that it will seem easy.

  2. What DebbieR said. Congratulations, and may you enjoy every minute in Maryland.

  3. It is impressive that you're telling Harvard "thanks but no thanks". Go you!

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    You have probably tried it. Many people seem to swear by the drug on the site. Is this something you have tried? Like anything else, it has side effects. I'm just curious to what your thoughts are.

    I hope your move goes well and Hopkins turn out to be what you hoped for.
    Best wishes

  5. I love your approach to the "issue". Best wishes for a smooth move and a fascinating time in Maryland.