Monday, April 9, 2012

...and, sadly, it's true.

I have been struggling for months to get an anti-nausea drug that works. I mean, I am on methotrexate (chemo)! And even before I was on it the lupus itself made me nauseous. Nausea squared, you might say (if you were a huge geek like me).

So what did it take to actually get a drug that works? Not phone calls. Not logical discussions about how much weight I was losing. Not crying while talking to a nurse. No, all it took was for me to wear a shirt that looks bad on me pared with a scarf that totally clashes with my hair. Bam. RX instantly granted. Apparently the secret is that you really do have to "look" sick. I think that is, no pun intended, absolutely, well, sick.

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  1. There really is something wrong with that, but I'm so glad "dressing sick" worked. Hoping you are feeling much better soon.

    1. The nausea is definitely better! Sadly, my cell counts tanked, so I can stay awake for oh.....about 20 minutes at a time right now.

  2. That is totally wrong. Though it's also a bit of a compliment- you've talked about how you enjoy looking nice and put-together. Clearly you 'normally' look so good, they can't get it through their heads how serious the issue is.

    Which is actually kind of scientifically interesting (um, if it's not screwing up your life, I mean!) -but even scientifically trained people who ought to know better put more weight on what they see, than what the data tells them. It's a problem in a bunch of areas - public policy and industry among them.