Saturday, March 17, 2012

Ze mad scientist, she strikes again...

Mutated Slippers: let's hope it's a trendsetter!

(Really because a lupus patient spends a lot of time wearing slippers, and I'm down to one pair, pretty much. To my annoyance, the stupid little bows that originally came with the slippers kept coming untied. I won't put up with high-maintanence slippers. And if mutating them is the only way to fix the problem, then so be it).


  1. Cute! I'm also picturing a tiny pom pom nose as well, but you're the artist in this project.

  2. Just don't let them give you the pink slip...

    1. An eyeball fell off, does that count? My (engineer) friend and I have concluded that gorilla glue does NOT work for sparkles or pompoms. I have now fixed it with crafters' glue, and all should be well. Gorilla glue: good for everything except cutsie stuff.