Wednesday, March 14, 2012

You probably have a fever if...

you go to turn down your electric blanket, and realize that it is already turned off. *facepalm*

Lupus sucks, but at least ice-cream exists to counteract some of its symptoms.


  1. Well, don't faceplant into the ice cream. Then again, if it helps, carry on. Feed the fever. Sending you cooling thoughts. And warm gloves soon. Really!

  2. I can't faceplant into the ice-cream for the simple reason that my idiot neighbors hold weekend parties on a regular basis. Apparently nobody told them that the loud drunken parties should (if held at at all) have been left behind in Undergraduateland. Here's hoping for a quieter place to live near Hopkins.

  3. Oh, I do hope you get a quieter place (you've made your choice?) near Hopkins. Loud neighbors are always a hassle. So sorry. I mailed your package today, should get to you before the end of the week.