Sunday, March 11, 2012

New Address!

I finally got tired of explaining what kitchens (SamvsKitchen) had to do with lupus, so I paid the not-so-hefty fee Google requires, and bought a genuine domain name. So, while the old links should still work fine, you can now also use

The only downside is that it may take 2-3 days for the new name to really catch hold in internetland. So please bear with the confusion if the new links don't work quite properly, and know that it is only a temporary problem!

As always, my deepest thanks for your support and positive feedback! It means the world to me when someone finds something I've written helpful either for understanding their own disease/treatments/etc, or those of chronic patients around them!


  1. I suppose it's only fair to warn you that I am a novelist (well, a would-be novelist--I've only published picture books) so there is always the risk that your experiences will be recycled into a story. I'm not in direct contact with anyone with Lupus at the moment, but there are enough stupid diseases out there that the lessons still apply.

    1. Sounds like you'll hit 'em with the fiction, and I (if I ever find an agent/publisher) will hit 'em from the non-fiction side...sounds like a winning combo to me!