Thursday, March 22, 2012

Cane + bandaged wrist = a pain in the neck

For those interested in my progress post surgery, I offer you this short update. I'm using voice dictation software, so please forgive any unusually comical errors or typos. The good news is that the surgery on my second wrist has been rescheduled for next week! They managed to get me into a cancellation because they felt bad that I couldn't have both wrists operated on at once.

 As to the first operation, I have a fair amount of bruising, but the nurse who removed the bandages said that both it and the bleeding were moderate but not anything way out of the usual. That has calmed all the doctors down considerably. The stitch from surgery number one will be removed at the time of the second surgery. While I do not enjoy the bruising, it is nice to be able to feel my fingers again, so I am at least tentatively positive about these surgeries in general.

 I could put up gruesome pictures of the 6 inches of bruising that span my wrist and hand, but I think I'll spare you that. I had too many professors who loved gruesome pictures to inflict that sort of pain and suffering on my kind and loyal readers.


  1. This afternoon I visited a friend who had just had a cast put on her wrist. She chose pink, so her mother took her to the drug store and let her pick out nail polish that exactly matched her cast. I offer this to you as a suggestion since I know you enjoy being coordinated.

    1. Thank you, but nail polish is actually strictly forbidden by my surgeon. And since I have to do this all again next week… the nail polish will have to wait. :(

  2. Oh, yeah, they want to be able to see your nailbeds, checking for good circulation. Have any double-stick tape to put google eyes on your nails? I hope the second surgery is less bruising and painful. You are an inspiration, and a reminder that life goes on. Yes, it sometimes sucks and swerves and crashes, but does go on. And you find new joys.

  3. The bit about watching your nailbeds makes sense. But I like the google eyes idea. You might also consider writing "do the other one" on the writst that was just operated on.