Thursday, January 12, 2012

Top Ten Things I Did Not Expect From 2011:

The adorable nephew, of course, I did expect!

Reflections on a wretched year: 

I know this is a little late, but thinking back over 2011, I realized that it was one of the most horrible years ever in terms of throwing me curve-balls. That said, it wasn't all bad. So here's a list of a few of the good, bad, or simply surprising things that happened over the last year:

10. Finding myself the proud owner of, not one, but two pairs of leopard print flats (see picture).

9. Having three other women in my lab beg me for the link for the abovementioned shoes, and have all the department secretaries then beg them for the link. Sam the shoe trendsetter? They could barely get me to wear the stupid things in my (Californian) high school.

8. Having, not including mine, five major health crises (and that's just off the top of my head) in my family. I've started going back through my bible looking for missed biblical curses pertaining to the Hyde Clan. So far I haven't found any, but I'll keep looking.

7. Finding out that I’ve made so many 3D protein images for publication that a collaborator now will asks me to make them for their paper(s). It’s aaallllll about color scheme, darlins’! (Well, that and perspective, angle, choice of detail shown...but mostly colors. Pretty, pretty colors!)

6. Applying for a third graduate degree program. Someone needs to stage an intervention here, people.

5. The number of awkward conversations wherein someone asks where I get my hair highlighted. Not a great question for someone on chemo, people!

4. To learn the hard way, twice, what happens when one’s prescription insurance cap is hit. Short answer: you’re totally screwed, and no state or federal program will help you (at least in my case).

3. Finding out that one is able to survive almost solely on protein bars, ice-cream and tea. Taking poison twice a day is, as it turns out, a good way to lose weight.

2. Realizing that I am now considered a malignant cancer survivor.

1. The generosity of strangers, friends, and family. I do not know how I would’ve survived financially without the incredible kindness of  those who’ve  either run a 50 mile race as a fundraiser for me, donated to that race, or simply donated money because they knew I was hurting. Thank you, all of you!


  1. 11. Discovering the utility of autoimmune diseases as a metaphor for how rank & file Republican voters consistently vote against those who are trying to save them.

  2. Color theory for 3D protein images must be somewhat similar to color theory for Fair Isle knitting. Seems the acorn didn't fall too far from the tree!

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