Saturday, November 19, 2011

With Deepest Thanks for Totally Awesome People

            Having lupus, as I have pointed out on any number of occasions, really sucks. Being sick, in pain, fatigued and generally feeling miserable simply sucks. Added to this is the fact that the chronically ill tend to have to deal with a lot of jerks. There are the doctor jerks who tell us that we’re just depressed/crazy/sleep-deprived/stressed/ /hypochondriac/etc. There are the jerks who think that, since we don’t look sick, we cannot really be all that badly off. There are the jerks who work at or with insurance companies… I won’t go into detail about those, as it would a) take all day, and b) include a lot of swearing, possibly in multiple languages. Unfortunately, repeated experiences with jerks tends to leave lupus patients more than a little jaded about people.

            All that being said, every now and then, something happens that restores a patient’s belief that totally awesome people also exist. It might be a doctor’s willingness to take on an army of insurance company bureaucrats. It might be a friend’s dropping by to see how we’re doing. Or… it might be an old college friend’s calling out of the blue one day and offering to run a 50 mile race as a fundraiser to help pay for medical bills. It might also be a bunch of other friends’ donating to the cause and/or passing the word along to other people.

            I met my friend Eric Groo during my freshman year in college. We’ve kept in touch sporadically since then, but I certainly wasn’t expecting him to offer to run 50 miles to raise money to help me. I can’t tell you how grateful I am that he decided to do so, or that so many of you have contributed to his fundraiser. I am truly blessed to have friends who are willing and able to run insane distances, donate money, or simply let me know that you care about how I’m doing. Thank you, all of you, for being totally awesome people.

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